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Terms of Business




We will provide you with an estimate at the time of arranging which will set out the services we agree to supply. The estimate is an indication of the charges likely to be incurred based on the information and details we know at the date of the estimate.

We will make every effort to ensure the accuracy of the estimate is correct

We may not always know the full cost of third-party charges in advance of the funeral, however we will give you the best estimate of the charges in the written estimate. The actual amount of the charges will be detailed and shown in the Final Account.


at time of arranging and we may ask for up to 50% of the estimate before the funeral takes place or as a minimum the disbursement charges incurred. A disbursement is any product or service where the cost is not determined by us. You can make payment using cash, cheque or debit card



Payment Arrangements 


As the applicant you are personally responsible for the payment of the account. The full amount is due for payments within 14 days of the funeral

If you fail to pay by the due date and the accounts still outstanding after 60 days this will be passed on to a debt company to collect on our behalf. This account will also be subject to legal cost incurred.

Register of charitable donations to third parties connected to the funeral sector - Youngs funeral service Ltd has not made any charitable donations to third parties connected to the funeral sector.

Complaints Procedure


We aim to ensure that: Making a complaint is as easy as possible and we treat your complaint seriously We deal with your complaint promptly and in confidence and efficiency 

How to make a complaint If you wish to make a complaint please contact our office by phone or email 

Ultimate Owners

The company owner is Jamie young and is the sole owner of Youngs funeral service Ltd 
Disclosure of interests – i have interest in Leeds ink, 129 cross gates road 

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